Your recovery is your responsibility.


That means asking for help when you need it.

That means fighting through tears.

That means screaming back when your ED is screaming so loudly you feel like your head might explode.

That means taking your medication as prescribed.

That means trying to love yourself, no matter how impossible that feels.

That means harnessing hope, however little there may be, and trusting that things can get better (because they can, I promise.)



Making out with a girl for the first time is the coolest thing and the second coolest thing is driving home and getting aware of all the parts of your face where she was and tasting her lip balm on your lips. The third coolest thing is outer space.

marry me


That moment when you talk to yourself and you start smiling like an idiot because you’re just so hilarious.

have you ever realised that sleeping is just your eyes staring at your eyelids all night long

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I would rather wander around a store for 9 hours than ask an employee where something is and this I do not understand


Lana Del Rey songs make me feel sad and nostalgic about things that haven’t happened to me

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